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Before boarding Soos and the Real Girl, we had a couple of days to think up some concept for the new characters in the episode.

Alonso came up with the final design for Melody pretty much instantly, and I played around with some Giffany concepts, because if I were allowed I would only ever draw villain characters from now until the end of time. Villains are just super interesting, okay??

We didn’t have the full script at the time, so for these early sketches I played around a bit with what kind of person Giffany might be. I always end up overthinking things like: Did Giffany start off as an evil video game or did she slowly turn into one? It must be pretty sad to be constantly returned back to the store, it’s like a life of … infinite rejection. I think that’d make anyone crazy. @_@

It’s a bunch of unnecessary navel-gazing, but I’d like to think that maybe some of that pathos shows through in the drawings. IDK! :P

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i just made the best dinner i just threw everything in with rice omg and now im watching stupid new girl thank u life


This is all I’m gonna show you of my first board because holy cow I can’t stand to look at the rest of it, my eyes will fall out and I’ll vomit oil and spark to death. Here’s Will-E Badger doing a dance that was cut (but his leg twist got to remain!) and the first ever drawing of Old Goldie.


"So I ate him and went home"







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